SimCity amusement park DLC confirmed

20130524-232633.jpgThere had been rumours flying around on the web already about a DLC for SimCity that is completely amusement park-themed, but now it’s been made official by EA. The gales publisher has just announced that there will be a new content pack for SimCity, their latest god-simulation where you can build your own city. With this pack, players will be able to earn money for their cities by building amusement parks and have citizens visit it. The amount of cash the park makes depends on whether there are fun rides, food stands and more, but also on how the rides are connected, so attention to roads and placing will be necessary if one wants to make a lot of money. There will be all sorts of attractions, ranging from roller coasters (of which you can draw the rails like you draw roads) to little trains. To make people visit your theme park you’ll also have to place signs around your city. The DLC will be released on Origin, EA’s own online game hub, on the 28th of May, but no price has been confirmed yet.


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