Gaikai coming to PS4

ImageLast year, when Sony bought the cloud gaming service Gaikai, there was already some speculation about them bringing it to the PS4, which hadn’t been revealed back then. Now, however, Sony has officially stated it will use Gaikai to let people play some of the best games that were released on the PS3 (e.g. Uncharted, Dark Souls etc.), giving the PS4 some sort of backwards compatibility. The feature will launch somewhere in 2014 and at first, only people in the US will get it. After some more testing, the cloud is also going to be available for PS4 owners around the world. At E3, Sony already gave some info about it. You can watch the video here.


Poll results

Yesterday I published a poll to determine which one of the upcoming games would be reviewed. Payday 2 won with an astonishing 90 percent of the votes. As soon as it releases I will start playing and make a review of it in the week after the release on the 16th of August. While you are waiting for that review, I will cover NFS Most Wanted, so you have something to read, and of course there will also be regular updates on the latest developments in the gaming world.

Next review? You decide!

I’m having a hard time deciding which game I should review next, so I will let you decide, but first I’ll do a review on Need for Speed: Most Wanted because I haven’t reviewed a race game yet and I recently bought it. Please vote below on the game you want me to write a review about after the NFS review.

GTA V official gameplay trailer released

ImageYesterday, Rockstar released an all-new trailer for its upcoming game Grand Theft Auto V. It is the first trailer in which you can see actual gameplay, along with some of the features the game has to offer. In the video you can see the switching mechanic at work, which allows you to play as one of the three main characters and it is said in the trailer that this is the biggest GTA world ever created. At the end, the narrating voice also teases some upcoming multiplayer gameplay. You can watch the video here.

GTA V will release on the 19th of September 2013 for the xbox 360 and the PS3. A PC version will be released later on.

Ubisoft hacking problems solved

ImageEarlier this week, Ubisoft had to ask the users of their online downloading service Uplay to change their password due to some hackers who were able to get into the Uplay servers and steal passwords. Unlike last time (somewhere in April), personal information has been stolen now, so the hackers didn’t just want to download games for free, they probably want to sell the accounts of which they have the passwords. Ubisoft then sent an e-mail to all the Uplay users that they would be better off if they changed their password, so the account info would be useless to the hackers. All problems are gone now and the Uplay service has been secured again.

Steam summer sale said to start tomorrow

There has been a lot of speculation about the start of one of the two milestones PC gamers wait for every year, the Steam summer sale (the other on is the winter sale). It is the biggest sale on the Steam gaming service, which usually takes place somewhere in July. Word has spread that the sale will start tomorrow, on the 4th of July. The rumours started after the addition of many content bundles, a phenomenon that always takes place right before the big sales kick off.

Assassin’s Creed board game coming

Assassin's Creed board gameAssassin’s Creed has always been a very successful franchise (except for the games on portable consoles) since the very first game was released. It is therefore a logical choice that was made when Ubisoft decided to make a board game off of it, in cooperation with board game manufacturer Cryptozoic. It will simply be named Assassin’s Creed: The Board Game and the release date lies somewhere in the winter of 2014. The game will feature art made by the same team who designed the cities in the Assassin’s Creed series and the goal is to hunt targets down, while keeping guards and other assassin’s off your tail and while you try to loot as much as possible. Basically, the person with the most highest amount of riches at the end of a match wins.