Skyrim live-action fan film released

Skyrim into the void fan filmA couple of days ago, Machinima posted a video, made by a user with the name Warialasky, on its MachinimaPrime Youtube channel (filled with other fan-films as well). Elder Scrolls fanboys will be very happy to hear it’s a genuine 18-minute long live-action fanmade movie based on the characters and world of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, made by Bethesda. The story of the movie combines some of the best known things in Skyrim, like the Dovahkiin, the Dark Brotherhood and even a character from the first DLC (Dawnguard), a vampire. Don’t expect too much intrigue and plot twists, though, since the storyline is really thin and feels a bit  like an episode of a sitcom (the Dragonborn gets poisoned by a vampire and makes a deal with the Dark Brotherhood to get his hands on a cure), but it is still really enjoyable to watch how they brought the world of Skyrim to life with cool costumes and locations. The video is called Skyrim: into the void and you can watch it here.


No need for grinding in TES Online

ImageAccording to the developers of the upcoming free-to-play MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online, the game won’t be an endless routine of grinding all kinds of low-key activities. The people at Bethesda Softworks plan to get rid of grinding to differentiate themselves from the gross of other MMOs, such as World of Warcraft and League of Legends, so don’t expect to go out in the world, continuously hunting small animals for resources to smith iron daggers, like you could do in Skyrim if you wanted to get to level 100 smithing fast.

INFO: Grinding is a term used in many RPGs and MMOs, depicting the use of repetitive tasks to level up your character without having to do some actual work (e.g. killing monsters with a low level).

TES Online releases somewhere around Spring 2014 and will be available for PC, Xbox One and PS4. If you missed out on the gameplay demo, you can watch it here.

Dishonored Void Walker’s arsenal for sale from May 14 onwards

ImageThe Void Walker’s arsenal DLC pack, which used to be exclusively accesible to people who had pre-ordered Dishonored, will be made available for everyone on the 14th of May, for a small price. The pack contains the Acrobatic Killer Pack, Arcane Assassin Pack, Backstreet Butcher Pack and Shadow Rat Pack and will cost you $4 or 320 MS Points, if you’re going to download it. More info on what’s in the pack can be found below:

Acrobatic Killer Pack

Bone Charm Bonuses:
Raven – Health Bonus for Drop-Down Assassination;
Quick Dodge – Bolt/Arrow-Dodging Bonus;
River Affinity – Increased Swimming Speed

Hagfish In-Game Statue that unlocks one additional slot for Bone Charm Bonuses
Unhidden Book entitled Rumors and Sightings: Daud
500 bonus coins

Arcane Assassin Pack

Bone Charm Bonuses:
Void Channel – Powers Duration/Damage Bonus;
White Rat Friend – White Rats Not Hostile;
Gutter Feast – White Rat Consumption for Mana

Whale In-Game Statue that unlocks one additional slot for Bone Charm Bonuses
Unhidden Book entitled Field Notes: The Journal of Granny Rags
500 bonus coins

Backstreet Butcher Pack

Bone Charm Bonuses:
Fencer – Sword vs. Sword Advantage Bonus;
Blast Resistant – Reduced Explosion Damage Taken;
Fire Water – Increased Whiskey Bottle Explosions

Wolfhound In-Game Statue that unlocks one additional slot for Bone Charm Bonuses
Unhidden Book entitled Early Life and Times: Slackjaw
500 bonus coins

Shadow Rat Pack

Bone Charm Bonuses:
Delicate Touch – Breaking Glass Noise Reduction;
Voyeur – Keyhole Peeping Magnification;
Deep Breather – Underwater Breathing Capacity Bonus

Golden Rat In-Game Statue that unlocks one additional slot for Bone Charm Bonuses
Unhidden Book entitled Field Notes: The Royal Spy
500 bonus coins

Source of package content info:

Skyrim Legendary Edition confirmed

ImageThere will be a Legendary Edition of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Bethesda revealed yesterday. It will include all the DLC that has been released, plus some more additional features like combat cameras, a Legendary difficulty and mounted combat. It will sell for $60 in North America, with the PC version priced at $50 and the game is going to be released somewhere in June this year. With the release of this Legendary Edition, Bethesda officially moves on to its next project and abandons Skyrim for good now.