First Metro: Last Light DLC released

ImageThe first of four DLC packs for Metro: Last Light has been made available for download by 4A Games, the developers of the game. The DLC is called “The Faction Pack” and gives you three brand new singleplayer missions to play, in which you are a specialist (Polis Ranger, Red Line Sniper and Reich Heavy) of one of the three factions who wage war in the Metro (the Reich, the Polis Rangers and the Red Line). Especially the Reich Heavy gets some new machinery and weapons, the other classes are pretty standard. The pack is priced at 4.99 dollars or 400 Microsoft Points and publisher Deep Silver has also posted a trailer on the official Metro: Last Light website. In the video you can already see what the next packs will be called: Tower, Developer and Chronicles. You can watch the trailer here.

SimCity amusement park DLC confirmed

20130524-232633.jpgThere had been rumours flying around on the web already about a DLC for SimCity that is completely amusement park-themed, but now it’s been made official by EA. The gales publisher has just announced that there will be a new content pack for SimCity, their latest god-simulation where you can build your own city. With this pack, players will be able to earn money for their cities by building amusement parks and have citizens visit it. The amount of cash the park makes depends on whether there are fun rides, food stands and more, but also on how the rides are connected, so attention to roads and placing will be necessary if one wants to make a lot of money. There will be all sorts of attractions, ranging from roller coasters (of which you can draw the rails like you draw roads) to little trains. To make people visit your theme park you’ll also have to place signs around your city. The DLC will be released on Origin, EA’s own online game hub, on the 28th of May, but no price has been confirmed yet.

Uprising DLC for PC and PS3

On the 17th of May the second DLC for COD: Black Ops II, Uprising will become available for PS3 and PC users. Xbox players were already able to enjoy the map pack for a month now, because of a deal between Microsoft and Activision which gives Microsoft timed exclusivity for all the content packs for Call of Duty games. For more details on the DLC, search in the archives, or click here for the lazy solution.

Dragons are coming to Sims 3 in the Dragon Valley pack

ImageThe next expansion pack for Sims 3 is a medieval-themed one, that has actual dragons in it, as the name might suggest. It will be pointed more towards the fantasy side of the medieval world, instead of focusing on the castle life, which was already in a previous DLC. The content pack will feature 3 different dragons, that each have their own special abilities. EA will release Dragon Valley on the 30th of May and it will be available for $25. You can watch a trailer here.

Dishonored Void Walker’s arsenal for sale from May 14 onwards

ImageThe Void Walker’s arsenal DLC pack, which used to be exclusively accesible to people who had pre-ordered Dishonored, will be made available for everyone on the 14th of May, for a small price. The pack contains the Acrobatic Killer Pack, Arcane Assassin Pack, Backstreet Butcher Pack and Shadow Rat Pack and will cost you $4 or 320 MS Points, if you’re going to download it. More info on what’s in the pack can be found below:

Acrobatic Killer Pack

Bone Charm Bonuses:
Raven – Health Bonus for Drop-Down Assassination;
Quick Dodge – Bolt/Arrow-Dodging Bonus;
River Affinity – Increased Swimming Speed

Hagfish In-Game Statue that unlocks one additional slot for Bone Charm Bonuses
Unhidden Book entitled Rumors and Sightings: Daud
500 bonus coins

Arcane Assassin Pack

Bone Charm Bonuses:
Void Channel – Powers Duration/Damage Bonus;
White Rat Friend – White Rats Not Hostile;
Gutter Feast – White Rat Consumption for Mana

Whale In-Game Statue that unlocks one additional slot for Bone Charm Bonuses
Unhidden Book entitled Field Notes: The Journal of Granny Rags
500 bonus coins

Backstreet Butcher Pack

Bone Charm Bonuses:
Fencer – Sword vs. Sword Advantage Bonus;
Blast Resistant – Reduced Explosion Damage Taken;
Fire Water – Increased Whiskey Bottle Explosions

Wolfhound In-Game Statue that unlocks one additional slot for Bone Charm Bonuses
Unhidden Book entitled Early Life and Times: Slackjaw
500 bonus coins

Shadow Rat Pack

Bone Charm Bonuses:
Delicate Touch – Breaking Glass Noise Reduction;
Voyeur – Keyhole Peeping Magnification;
Deep Breather – Underwater Breathing Capacity Bonus

Golden Rat In-Game Statue that unlocks one additional slot for Bone Charm Bonuses
Unhidden Book entitled Field Notes: The Royal Spy
500 bonus coins

Source of package content info:

Skyrim Legendary Edition confirmed

ImageThere will be a Legendary Edition of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Bethesda revealed yesterday. It will include all the DLC that has been released, plus some more additional features like combat cameras, a Legendary difficulty and mounted combat. It will sell for $60 in North America, with the PC version priced at $50 and the game is going to be released somewhere in June this year. With the release of this Legendary Edition, Bethesda officially moves on to its next project and abandons Skyrim for good now.

BO2 Uprising DLC released for xbox 360

Uprising DLCToday the latest DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops II became available for all xbox 360 owners. The PS3 and PC users will have to wait a little longer because Microsoft has timed exclusivity for BO2, but the wait won’t be longer than the one for Revolution, so expect it to hit PS Store and Steam within a month. Uprising consists of 4 multiplayer maps and 1 zombie map. The multiplayer maps are StudioVertigoMagma and Encore. Studio is a reboot of a popular maps on the original Black Ops, Firing Range, and is actually a Hollywood set, Vertigo is set on a skyscraper in India that has a VTOL landing pad, Magma is a village with the occasional lava flood, which adds an extra element so you have to adjust your strategy. Encore features an amphitheater in the heart of London. The new zombies map is named Mob of the Dead and makes you survive on the island of Alcatraz, one of the most famous prisons of all time, but it also lets you run around on the Golden Gate Bridge. The characters are mobsters from the prohibition era, based on some famous actors in gangster movies. Arthur Arlington, Salvatore DeLuca, Finn O’Leary and Billy Handsome, these are the names of the four unlucky gangsters. The easter egg is an escape plan to get off the island, but it isn’t known yet if it will let you win the level. That would be the first time ever that you can finish a zombie level without just getting killed, so I don’t think that rumour is very plausible. Overall Uprising is better than Revolution, but I do miss the addition of a new weapon like in the previous DLC, so hopefully Treyarch will make one for the next bit of downloadable content.

Uprising is the second DLC pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops II and costs 1200 MS Points, but Season Pass owners get it for free. To get it with the Season Pass, download the DLC from the in-game store, not the XBL Marketplace because then you will pay twice.