New Super Smash Bros artwork

ImageNintendo has released some new artwork for its upcoming Wii U and 3DS game Super Smash Bros, which was one of the most anticipated games at E3. You can see the images here. If you hadn’t watched the announcement trailer yet at E3, you can find it here. The full roster of confirmed characters can be found here.

Early Watch Dogs trailer released

20130610-163733.jpgA couple of minutes ago, Ubisoft launched an all-new trailer for their upcoming game, Watch Dogs. The trailer is supposed to warm you up for the E3 conference later today, which will go even deeper into some features that will be in the game. The conference starts at 2:30 PM local time (Los Angeles). If you can’t wait to get some more details on Watch Dogs, you can watch the trailer here.

Xbox One and PS4 pricing analyzed

A price analyst named Michael Pachter has made an approximate, pre-E3 pricing list of the Xbox One and PS4 consoles. Based on the amount of money needed to build it and the current fluctuations in the gaming market, Pachter has calculated that the Xbox will sell for 399 dollars, while the PS4 will take a bite of 349 dollars out of your budget. Please note, however, that the consoles might be bundled with games or, in Microsoft’s case, subscriptions to online features. The subscription-based Xbox package won’t cost more, as you might think, but it’ll save you about 100 dollars, according to Pachter, a Wedbush Morgan analyst who made all these calculations for his investors. At E3 we’ll see if he was correct or not.