Ouya donates a million dollars to Kickstarters

20130810-143702.jpgToday, the developers of Ouya, a game console designed to make indie game development easier, have announced they will donate a total of 1,000,000 dollars to several Kickstarter projects set up to fund indie games. They will divide the money among projects ranging from a 50,000 to a 250,000 dollar treshold. The fund is called Free the Games. If you want, you can check out the website here.


Indie game sales every 2 weeks on PS Store

20130604-152815.jpgSony has announced that it will be hosting new indie game sales every 2 weeks from June 5 onwards. The principle is simple: on the 5th of June the first indie game will get a price cutoff, that will disappear again after a period of two weeks. When the sale on the first game is gone, another game will be priced down. The games that are featured in the sale are Pid, Topatoi and Zack Zero. PS Plus members will get even better prices due to an additional bonus percentage that goes off the price for them.

Limbo coming to PS Vita this June

20130530-171431.jpgLimbo, the rather artistic black-and-white indie game, will be available from June 4 onwards via the PS Vita store. The game is about a little boy who travels through a world filled with shadowy creatures and traps, hoping to find his missing sister. If you’re interested, you can watch some gameplay here. The game will cost you 15 dollars (13 euros or 10 pounds).