Explanations in The Last Of Us trailer

Sony published a new trailer that explains how the people in The Last Of Us became the infected they are in the game and how the environment got ruined. The zombies in Naughty Dog’s next game are based on a fungus that controls the minds of ants for its benefit. The destroyed buildings are mainly due to decay, because most people stay inside the military enclaves that were made to protect survivors from the outside world and the mutants in it and thus couldn’t keep the cities in a good state. You can watch the trailer here.


Jak and Daxter for PS Vita

Jak and Daxter PS Vita trilogyFor all the gamers that enjoyed the Jak and Daxter games but can’t play them anymore due to the fact they were on PS2, Naughty Dog will release the entire collection on PS Vita. Both for the more experienced gamers that want to relive their childhood memories and kids that have just started gaming and aren’t nagging for a Call of Duty game yet, this will be the perfect game. The collection had already been released for PS3, but now the developers are aiming at a younger audience with the PS Vita. The package will include Jak and Daxter: The Precursor LegacyJak II and Jak 3 and will feature new ways to play with touchscreen because it’s for the Vita and it has it’s own Trophy list, completely separate of the one on the PS3. The game will release in June and it has a price tag of approximately $29.99. You can watch the trailer for the trilogy here.