Limbo coming to PS Vita this June

20130530-171431.jpgLimbo, the rather artistic black-and-white indie game, will be available from June 4 onwards via the PS Vita store. The game is about a little boy who travels through a world filled with shadowy creatures and traps, hoping to find his missing sister. If you’re interested, you can watch some gameplay here. The game will cost you 15 dollars (13 euros or 10 pounds).

New Nvidia SHIELD info

ImageNvidia’s portable gaming project, called SHIELD, will be available for pre-order from the 20th of May onwards and will cost $349, according to the company. the release will be somewhere around June this year. For those who don’t know what the handheld console is, here’s some info. SHIELD is Nvidia’s first own console, featuring a Tegra 4-chip, 2 GB of RAM, a five inch retina display with 720p-resolution, which also has multi-touch, an audio system and ,last but not least, a control pad. If you want you can also stream your gaming session to your computer screen, if your PC is GTX-powered, and in the future there will be streaming from the PC to the handheld as well. The games will be available for download from something called the TegraZone, a community for people who own a SHIELD console.