God of War for PS4 and PS Vita rumoured

ImageThere have been rumours going around on the internet that state the God of War series will get another installment for the PS4 and the PS Vita. It all started with a leaked picture on which you could see the God of War: Redemption logo and the PS4 and Vita logos beneath it. If the rumours are true is still unknown, but it is very likely that everything is fake, because GOW: Redemption is the title of a fan-fiction short story, written by DBZGamingAddict, in which Kratos searches for redemption for killing almost every single god on Mt. Olympus. If you want to read the story, here‘s the link to the fan-fiction wiki.


Limbo coming to PS Vita this June

20130530-171431.jpgLimbo, the rather artistic black-and-white indie game, will be available from June 4 onwards via the PS Vita store. The game is about a little boy who travels through a world filled with shadowy creatures and traps, hoping to find his missing sister. If you’re interested, you can watch some gameplay here. The game will cost you 15 dollars (13 euros or 10 pounds).

Jak and Daxter for PS Vita

Jak and Daxter PS Vita trilogyFor all the gamers that enjoyed the Jak and Daxter games but can’t play them anymore due to the fact they were on PS2, Naughty Dog will release the entire collection on PS Vita. Both for the more experienced gamers that want to relive their childhood memories and kids that have just started gaming and aren’t nagging for a Call of Duty game yet, this will be the perfect game. The collection had already been released for PS3, but now the developers are aiming at a younger audience with the PS Vita. The package will include Jak and Daxter: The Precursor LegacyJak II and Jak 3 and will feature new ways to play with touchscreen because it’s for the Vita and it has it’s own Trophy list, completely separate of the one on the PS3. The game will release in June and it has a price tag of approximately $29.99. You can watch the trailer for the trilogy here.