Uprising DLC for PC and PS3

On the 17th of May the second DLC for COD: Black Ops II, Uprising will become available for PS3 and PC users. Xbox players were already able to enjoy the map pack for a month now, because of a deal between Microsoft and Activision which gives Microsoft timed exclusivity for all the content packs for Call of Duty games. For more details on the DLC, search in the archives, or click here for the lazy solution.

Explanations in The Last Of Us trailer

Sony published a new trailer that explains how the people in The Last Of Us became the infected they are in the game and how the environment got ruined. The zombies in Naughty Dog’s next game are based on a fungus that controls the minds of ants for its benefit. The destroyed buildings are mainly due to decay, because most people stay inside the military enclaves that were made to protect survivors from the outside world and the mutants in it and thus couldn’t keep the cities in a good state. You can watch the trailer here.