Steam summer sale said to start tomorrow

There has been a lot of speculation about the start of one of the two milestones PC gamers wait for every year, the Steam summer sale (the other on is the winter sale). It is the biggest sale on the Steam gaming service, which usually takes place somewhere in July. Word has spread that the sale will start tomorrow, on the 4th of July. The rumours started after the addition of many content bundles, a phenomenon that always takes place right before the big sales kick off.

Indie game sales every 2 weeks on PS Store

20130604-152815.jpgSony has announced that it will be hosting new indie game sales every 2 weeks from June 5 onwards. The principle is simple: on the 5th of June the first indie game will get a price cutoff, that will disappear again after a period of two weeks. When the sale on the first game is gone, another game will be priced down. The games that are featured in the sale are Pid, Topatoi and Zack Zero. PS Plus members will get even better prices due to an additional bonus percentage that goes off the price for them.