Square Enix fires people in Europe

ImageThe European headquarters of Square Enix, located in the UK, will experience some staff layoffs. How many employees will be affected still remains a mystery. The European employee reduction follows the one in North America. During this cut of staff Square Enix had already said there were some layoffs coming to Europe and Japan as well. The cuts are mostly due to the high selling expectations that weren’t met, because despite having very good titles like Hitman: Absolution and Tomb Raider, Enix’s marketing strategy just wasn’t efficient enough.


Lots of sales from various publishers

ImageSince Wednesday you were already able to get a discount of up to 70% in the EA Origin shop, but today Square Enix and Rockstar Games have also joined the sale extravaganza. On Steam you can get a 50-75% reduction in cost on Rockstar’s game library. Square Enix will also give a maximum of 75% off all purchases. The EA sale will go on until April 29th, the Rockstar sale ends Sunday night and the Square Enix price reduction will last till the end of the week.