Uprising DLC for PC and PS3

On the 17th of May the second DLC for COD: Black Ops II, Uprising will become available for PS3 and PC users. Xbox players were already able to enjoy the map pack for a month now, because of a deal between Microsoft and Activision which gives Microsoft timed exclusivity for all the content packs for Call of Duty games. For more details on the DLC, search in the archives, or click here for the lazy solution.


BO2 Uprising DLC released for xbox 360

Uprising DLCToday the latest DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops II became available for all xbox 360 owners. The PS3 and PC users will have to wait a little longer because Microsoft has timed exclusivity for BO2, but the wait won’t be longer than the one for Revolution, so expect it to hit PS Store and Steam within a month. Uprising consists of 4 multiplayer maps and 1 zombie map. The multiplayer maps are StudioVertigoMagma and Encore. Studio is a reboot of a popular maps on the original Black Ops, Firing Range, and is actually a Hollywood set, Vertigo is set on a skyscraper in India that has a VTOL landing pad, Magma is a village with the occasional lava flood, which adds an extra element so you have to adjust your strategy. Encore features an amphitheater in the heart of London. The new zombies map is named Mob of the Dead and makes you survive on the island of Alcatraz, one of the most famous prisons of all time, but it also lets you run around on the Golden Gate Bridge. The characters are mobsters from the prohibition era, based on some famous actors in gangster movies. Arthur Arlington, Salvatore DeLuca, Finn O’Leary and Billy Handsome, these are the names of the four unlucky gangsters. The easter egg is an escape plan to get off the island, but it isn’t known yet if it will let you win the level. That would be the first time ever that you can finish a zombie level without just getting killed, so I don’t think that rumour is very plausible. Overall Uprising is better than Revolution, but I do miss the addition of a new weapon like in the previous DLC, so hopefully Treyarch will make one for the next bit of downloadable content.

Uprising is the second DLC pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops II and costs 1200 MS Points, but Season Pass owners get it for free. To get it with the Season Pass, download the DLC from the in-game store, not the XBL Marketplace because then you will pay twice.