Free Xbox Live weekend

Free Xbox Live GoldThis weekend (April 20th and 21st) every silver Xbox Live member will be able to access all Gold features, like playing online multiplayer and accessing some apps that are for Gold members only. In addition to the previous, you can also benefit of the double XP events some games like BO2 and Far Cry 3 are hosting. It isn’t said out loud by Microsoft, but this might very well be an apology for the Xbox Live server breakdown a week ago. The free Gold has already started today and won’t end until Monday the 22nd.


Xbox Live problems fixed

ImageThis weekend US and UK users couldn’t access Xbox Live because of server issues. It was said at first that the hacking community Anonymous had something to do with it, but a couple of hours later they reacted and pleaded innocent for the sudden crash of the Xbox Live service. Just an hour ago, however, the servers got back online and everyone could play their favourite games again.