Dead Island Riptide achievements/trophies revealed

ImageToday the achievements/trophies for Dead Island: Riptide have been unveiled on If you plan to play through the entire story and don’t want to know the end already, do not watch them because they contain major spoilers. If you still want to see what the achievements are, here is the list.

Dead Island: Riptide will release on the 23rd of April and will be available for xbox 360, PS3 and PC

Some Xbox launch games rumoured

ImageRumours state that Ryse, a concept made by Crytek in 2011, will be a launch game for the next Xbox. Because the Kinect is undergoing massive improvements in terms of motion detection, this is highly plausible. There will also be a new Forza game which will feature “life-like graphics” according to the developers. A family title with graphics like a Pixar movie and a zombie game are on the rumour train as well. The family title will make use of the improved Kinect’s scanner to make your very own Avatar in-game.