Sony ditches PS4 camera for pricing + Pictures leaked of PS4 box contents

Have you ever wondered why the Xbox One will cost a whopping 100 dollars more than the Playstation 4? Well, here’s why: Sony didn’t include the PS4 camera feature in the base package so that their initial price wouldn’t be as high as Microsoft’s, who did put their Kinect camera in the base package of the Xbox One. The PS4 camera will be available at an extra $ 59.99, which is still less than the extra 100 dollars Microsoft asks for its console.

A picture has appeared on Amazon UK, showcasing the contents of the box a PS4 will ship in. The box contains the console, the DualShock 4 controller, a HDMI cable, an earphone, the manual, a USB cable and a power cord. A second picture has also been added, showing the earbud plugged in into the controller of the PS4. You can see both picture below.




Big Bioshock Infinite sale

20130519-220940.jpgToday’s Deal of the Day on Amazon is the immensely popular Bioshock Infinite. The price for the PC version (both as a copy and as digital download) has been lowered to only $35, which saves you 25 dollars and is a discount of approximately 40%. The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are available for $40, giving you a $20 discount. Hurry up if you want to enjoy the offer, because it is only viable for the rest of the day.