God of War for PS4 and PS Vita rumoured

ImageThere have been rumours going around on the internet that state the God of War series will get another installment for the PS4 and the PS Vita. It all started with a leaked picture on which you could see the God of War: Redemption logo and the PS4 and Vita logos beneath it. If the rumours are true is still unknown, but it is very likely that everything is fake, because GOW: Redemption is the title of a fan-fiction short story, written by DBZGamingAddict, in which Kratos searches for redemption for killing almost every single god on Mt. Olympus. If you want to read the story, here‘s the link to the fan-fiction wiki.

More speculation about the next Xbox

ImageA Microsoft employee working on software for the next-gen Xbox has leaked tons of new information about the console. To start with, it will run on a full version of Windows 8, which means it will have a lot of functions that used to be only for PC, but are now coming to a console. The always connected rumour is false, reports the insider. The Xbox will not need an internet connection to work, but it does need a “Kinect 2.0” if you want to have motion control features and games. It is highly possible that the old Kinect won’t work anymore, because it will not have all the novelties the new one does. Also, the console will come with a chip set for backwards compatibility with the Xbox 360. The controller design hasn’t changed but the D-Pad is improved and the batteries last 16% longer. However, nothing of this info has been confirmed yet, so it might be false.