Gaikai coming to PS4

ImageLast year, when Sony bought the cloud gaming service Gaikai, there was already some speculation about them bringing it to the PS4, which hadn’t been revealed back then. Now, however, Sony has officially stated it will use Gaikai to let people play some of the best games that were released on the PS3 (e.g. Uncharted, Dark Souls etc.), giving the PS4 some sort of backwards compatibility. The feature will launch somewhere in 2014 and at first, only people in the US will get it. After some more testing, the cloud is also going to be available for PS4 owners around the world. At E3, Sony already gave some info about it. You can watch the video here.

Sony ditches PS4 camera for pricing + Pictures leaked of PS4 box contents

Have you ever wondered why the Xbox One will cost a whopping 100 dollars more than the Playstation 4? Well, here’s why: Sony didn’t include the PS4 camera feature in the base package so that their initial price wouldn’t be as high as Microsoft’s, who did put their Kinect camera in the base package of the Xbox One. The PS4 camera will be available at an extra $ 59.99, which is still less than the extra 100 dollars Microsoft asks for its console.

A picture has appeared on Amazon UK, showcasing the contents of the box a PS4 will ship in. The box contains the console, the DualShock 4 controller, a HDMI cable, an earphone, the manual, a USB cable and a power cord. A second picture has also been added, showing the earbud plugged in into the controller of the PS4. You can see both picture below.



God of War for PS4 and PS Vita rumoured

ImageThere have been rumours going around on the internet that state the God of War series will get another installment for the PS4 and the PS Vita. It all started with a leaked picture on which you could see the God of War: Redemption logo and the PS4 and Vita logos beneath it. If the rumours are true is still unknown, but it is very likely that everything is fake, because GOW: Redemption is the title of a fan-fiction short story, written by DBZGamingAddict, in which Kratos searches for redemption for killing almost every single god on Mt. Olympus. If you want to read the story, here‘s the link to the fan-fiction wiki.

Indie game sales every 2 weeks on PS Store

20130604-152815.jpgSony has announced that it will be hosting new indie game sales every 2 weeks from June 5 onwards. The principle is simple: on the 5th of June the first indie game will get a price cutoff, that will disappear again after a period of two weeks. When the sale on the first game is gone, another game will be priced down. The games that are featured in the sale are Pid, Topatoi and Zack Zero. PS Plus members will get even better prices due to an additional bonus percentage that goes off the price for them.

Xbox One and PS4 pricing analyzed

A price analyst named Michael Pachter has made an approximate, pre-E3 pricing list of the Xbox One and PS4 consoles. Based on the amount of money needed to build it and the current fluctuations in the gaming market, Pachter has calculated that the Xbox will sell for 399 dollars, while the PS4 will take a bite of 349 dollars out of your budget. Please note, however, that the consoles might be bundled with games or, in Microsoft’s case, subscriptions to online features. The subscription-based Xbox package won’t cost more, as you might think, but it’ll save you about 100 dollars, according to Pachter, a Wedbush Morgan analyst who made all these calculations for his investors. At E3 we’ll see if he was correct or not.

F2P coming to next-gen consoles

Mark Rein, the Vice President of Epic Games, has just revealed on the Game Horizon conference that Microsoft and Sony are embracing free-to-play games and in-app purchases in those games. Although the 2 companies don’t say much about it, Rein is very confident that it’s the truth. Here are his words:

“The next-gen consoles are going to be fully embracing the free-to-play and these IAP-type business models. So in case you don’t know that, I’m putting that out there. Sony and Microsoft are both going heavily in that area.” On the statement that Sony and Microsoft hadn’t said anything like that, he reacted: “Well, I’m telling you. I’m telling you what they’re telling developers.”

With E3 coming in a couple of weeks, maybe we’ll know soon enough what Microsoft and Sony are planning for their next generation of consoles.

Explanations in The Last Of Us trailer

Sony published a new trailer that explains how the people inĀ The Last Of Us became the infected they are in the game and how the environment got ruined. The zombies in Naughty Dog’s next game are based on a fungus that controls the minds of ants for its benefit. The destroyed buildings are mainly due to decay, because most people stay inside the military enclaves that were made to protect survivors from the outside world and the mutants in it and thus couldn’t keep the cities in a good state. You can watch the trailer here.