Ubisoft hacking problems solved

ImageEarlier this week, Ubisoft had to ask the users of their online downloading service Uplay to change their password due to some hackers who were able to get into the Uplay servers and steal passwords. Unlike last time (somewhere in April), personal information has been stolen now, so the hackers didn’t just want to download games for free, they probably want to sell the accounts of which they have the passwords. Ubisoft then sent an e-mail to all the Uplay users that they would be better off if they changed their password, so the account info would be useless to the hackers. All problems are gone now and the Uplay service has been secured again.

Uplay service down

UplayAs some of you might already know, a couple of days ago Uplay, the online download service of Ubisoft, got hacked and some copies of the new Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon game got pirated. Today Ubisoft has thus shut down their service until the problems are resolved again. Reports say Uplay will be online again in 2-3 days.